Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help. Don't hesitate to call or stop into one of our locations if your question isn't answered below.

About MyFitFoods

Why Choose My Fit Foods?

Unlike other meal prep companies, you're more than just a customer to us. We are committed to your success, and go beyond being just the food you eat.

Providing the community that you need to make sure you hit your goals from our on site nutritionist to our massive community of clients working together to reach similar health goals.

We go beyond the food to help you make the change!

Where Are Your Meals Prepared?

We receive shipments of fresh raw food daily, cook daily at our local kitchens and deliver fresh to each store daily!

What is the 21 day challenge?

The 21 day challenge is the perfect starting point for people who want results! We custom tailor, create and educate you on a nutritional plan designed to fit your lifestyle.  

You’ll have every meal and snack covered for the next 21 days based on your goals. Developing good eating habits and getting results is what it’s all about.

Try our 21 day challenge and get the results you deserve.  

What is FitClub?

Fit Club is our discount membership program; we provide members a 20% discount on all food for only $10 a month!

Will your meals help me lose weight?

Getting the best results are on a client by client basis. We have many testimonials Click here from clients who have had excellent results on the 21DC  

We have found that people who eat our food, exercise and stay hydrated have lost anywhere from 1-19 pounds on their 21 day challenge. Results vary from person to person.

What if I'm still hungry?

Hunger can come from a variety of things.

Are you hydrated? Eating enough calories per day? Are you getting quality fiber? The list goes on and on.

Why not come on in and talk to one of our nutritional consultants? Set up an appointment today!

Have a goal?

We can help! Our #1 mission is to help people get the best results possible! Visit our storefront or reach out to us at contactus@myfitfoods.com and tell us your goal! We'll help you get started.


Do we deliver?

We offer delivery to select zip codes in the Denver and Portland areas! To order, simply select "Delivery" at checkout and enter your zip code to see if you qualify!

Zip Code not eligible for Delivery?

Reach out to us at contactus@myfitfoods.com to request that your zip code be added!

I'm missing a product from my order, what do I do?

Make sure to contact the store immediately at 1-833-761-6881 for Denver or 1-833-761-6890 for Portland.

Have your order number handy and our team will provide you with further instructions on replacement.

Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

Is your food gluten free?

Yes! Over 90% of the menu is gluten free. All gluten free meal options will have a "Gluten Free" label or tag on them.

Please make sure to speak to your local store about your dietary requirements so we can tailor your meals to you.

What are your Keto options?

Our entire dinner menu is low-carb, and therefore quite Keto friendly.

Most of our Keto clients simply add a small amount of olive oil, coconut oil, or other healthy fat to the meals, and they make a perfectly balanced Keto option.

How often does your menu change?

Every quarter we have our professional chefs add 2 new menu items for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner!

We want to make sure your choices are fresh and exciting!

Do you have options for people with milk allergies?

Depending on the level of your sensitivity, we do have more options that only contain a garnish of cheese or small amount of dairy.

For more specifics regarding our current menu options feel free to call your local storefront!

Do you use processed foods or artificial ingredients?

We use all natural ingredients from sources local to each store!

Nothing is processed or artificial, from our spices to our chicken, we make sure only to source the best for each meal.

How much sodium is typically in your food?

We do our best to keep most meals below 500mg of sodium.

Prep & Storage

How long will my food stay fresh?

Each meal can last 5-6 days in your fridge or toss them into your freezer to enjoy for up to 4 weeks.

No special prep is required for your meals and they can go directly into the freezer as is.

Also, you do not need to worry about thawing meals. As they can go from freezer to microwave and enjoyed in less than a few minutes.

Do the meals require any extra preparation before I eat them?

Our goal is to take the hassle out of healthy eating, so all you have to do is heat and eat.

Each meal is designed to take less than 90 seconds from fridge to plate.

Just toss in the microwave to heat up and enjoy! (If you previously froze your meal it might take a few minutes to get to temp.)

You can also reheat your food on the stove or in the oven if you prefer.


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