My Fit Foods FAQ

1. Do I have to have a membership to shop at MFF?

You may shop all of our stores just as you would a grocery store- stop in anytime to grab any of our handcrafted grab & go meals- no membership needed!

2. Can I order meals ahead of time?

Absolutely! You may place an order ahead of time online or over the phone. Those meals will be specifically ordered for you and ready when you arrive.  To allow our kitchens time to prepare your order fresh, pre orders must be placed 3-4 days ahead of time.

3. Do you ship meals if I don’t have a store nearby?

Due to the way our meals are prepared, we are not currently able to ship our meals. We do deliver several of our top selling supplements, available for purchase on Amazon.

4. Do you partner with food delivery services?

Yes, we work with a variety of delivery partners including Favor in Texas and Postmates in Southern California.

5. Does My Fit Foods sell products through third parties?

Yes, our U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification enables us to sell through new, strategic distribution channels, including corporate cafeterias, vending and micro markets, as well as third party retailers. To learn more please reach out to our Business Development team at partners@myfitfoods.com. To find a third party outlet to puchase our meals, click here.

6. Do you offer franchise opportunities?

Thank you for your interest in opening a My Fit Foods store, however, at this time we are not partnering with any franchisees.

7. Where can I learn more about the Corporate Wellness Program for my office?

We are currently modifying our Corporate Wellness program to better meet the needs of our partners. Stay tuned for more information!


Food Questions

1. How long do the meals stay fresh for?

Because we do not utilize any artificial or added preservatives in our meals, the shelf life is typically between 4-7 days. A "best by" date is clearly labeled on each package.  

2. Can I freeze my meals?

Yes! Many of our meals can be frozen if they will not be consumed with the "best buy" date. If you need to freeze meals we encourage customers to freeze meals for no longer than 2 weeks and to thaw overnight in the refrigerator, in order to preserve maxium freshness.

3. Can I place a special order, such as without cheese, etc.?

We prepare our meals daily in a batch process in our kitchens, which helps ensure that our meals are accurate for the nutritional content on the labels. Therefore special orders are unfortunately not possible at this time.

4. Do you have a downloadable menu?

Yes! You can download our latest menu by clicking here.


Meal Planning Services

1. What can I get out of the meal planning service?

Each of our stores offer nutrition coaching free of charge to help you develop a meal plan- whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or strictly for convenience. Once your meal plan is created, you simply pick up your meals twice a week. How’s that for easy?

2. What takes place in a nutrition coaching session?

We will review your goals, food preferences and dietary restrictions. We will also discuss some key principles of nutrition, such as: the importance of clean eating, meal timing, sleep, stress, exercise and water. We will then set you up with a meal plan to get you started! Please click here to find the store nearest you or submit an inquiry on our meal planning page to schedule your free consultation.

3. Do I have to do a nutrition coaching session just to get a meal plan?

No, we also offer a variety of our best-selling meal plans that are dietitian developed and approved. You can DIY with the help of our meal planning tools!

4. Why 21 Days? Does it have to be 21 days?

We believe it takes 21 days to create a habit towards a healthier lifestyle. While we recommend 21 days, we are here to assist you and your Nutrition Coach can create a meal plan for as many days as you like.


Online Ordering

1. What if I made a mistake on my online order?

Simply call the store that you placed the order with as they can then update the order to make sure your food will be available upon pickup.