My Fit Foods is a career-driven environment centered on helping people develop healthy habits and helping them reach their goals.


We are not just a healthy meal prep company-we are a people driven company. Everything that we do is geared with our customers and our employees in mind. We provide healthy, fresh made meals, snacks, and drinks all while building relationships with our customers. Our mission is to give customers a memorable customer service experience, to educate and empower them to achieve their fitness goals, to provide affordable high-quality meals, and to eventually feed the whole nation.

My Fit Foods provides a platform for growth and goal-driven people to have a long-term, stable, high-income career. We provide in-depth training and coaching for customer service, marketing, public speaking, leadership, and personal development because we know that when we invest in you, you invest in our customers. Our mission is to have a company culture that sets a new standard for what it means to work for a company that treats their employees as people first and not just a body on the floor.


Someone who takes initiative
Has an ownership mentality
Is humble and coachable
Is a good communicator and works well in a team-oriented environment
Great discipline and diligent in what they do
Ambitious and wanting to grow with a company
Passionate about helping people get fit
Demonstrates strong desire for continuous personal growth
Handles responsibility well
Brings high energy to the store


My Fit Foods wants to change the way people view work. That's why we're on a mission to find more like-minded individuals who want to be leaders, who have an ownership mentality, and are passionate about health, nutrition, fitness, and elevating everyone around them. Our goal is to build professional and personal growth opportunities for anyone with a willingness to learn.

My Fit Foods is a healthy meal prep company committed to helping customers reach their personal goals and empowering our employees to reach theirs, too. We love having fun and make no mistakes, we work hard everyday with the intent of becoming the best healthy meal prep company in the U.S.

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