My Fit Foods = Less Stress

My Fit Foods = Less Stress

It looks like one of the keys for maintaining long-term weight-loss is clear, personalized, and continuously adjusted goals [1]. This is what our nutritional consultants are trained to do…work WITH you to find the strategies that fit best into your everyday life.

In turn, we also realize that this process is a journey and that the only constant in this life is change. Therefore, you can trust us to adapt with you and just be there if or when you need us to adjust your plan.

You can also trust us NOT to add stress to your life.

Our job is to use our experience and science to find solutions and those who work with us tend to be surprised with just how “fun” this process can be when we focus on less stressful and more sustainable approach oriented goals instead of negatively framed avoidance goals [2]. Because who doesn’t love some Turkey Mac N Cheese with Broccoli!

Yea, that’s right we can build that in…Absolutely, No Problem.


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