Hydration Tips for the Hot Summer Days!

Hydration Tips for the Hot Summer Days!

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the excitement of warmer days, bright sun, and ample outdoor activities. But amidst all the summer fun, it's important to remember a key health aspect: staying hydrated.

Recently, we sat down with our head nutritionist, Cathrine, to discuss the best ways to keep yourself hydrated throughout the sweltering summer heat. Combining her expertise in nutrition with practical tips, she helped us devise an easy-to-follow hydration plan. Here's what we learned.

10. Drink 20 oz of Water Upon Waking Up

Let's start at the very beginning of the day. After spending seven to eight hours asleep, your body is naturally dehydrated upon waking up. Start your day with 20 oz of water right when you wake up to replenish your hydration levels. This not only jumpstarts your metabolism but also supports brain function and maintains overall bodily health.

9. Carry a Bigger Water Bottle

One simple trick to staying hydrated is carrying a larger water bottle. It's easy to forget to refill a small bottle throughout a busy day. With a bigger bottle, you'll have a constant supply of water at your disposal. Plus, it serves as a physical reminder to drink more frequently. Opt for a bottle with measurement markings; this can be a great way to track your daily water intake.

8. Plan Out Your Day

Planning plays a vital role in maintaining proper hydration. Consider your daily schedule and activities when deciding your hydration plan. If you're going to spend a lot of time outdoors, especially during peak heat hours, make sure you're drinking enough before, during, and after your activities.

7. Hydrate More Around Noon

As the day heats up around noon, it's crucial to hydrate more frequently. Sweat loss is higher during midday due to the warmer temperatures, so compensating with increased water intake is crucial to avoid dehydration.

6. After 7 - SIP!

As the day begins to cool down post 7 PM, focus on sipping water rather than gulping down large amounts. This helps maintain your body's hydration levels without overloading it with water before bedtime, which could potentially disrupt your sleep.

5. Add Cucumber or Lemon to Your Water

If you find plain water boring or unappealing, try adding fresh cucumber slices or a squeeze of lemon to your water. Not only will this add a refreshing flavor, but both cucumber and lemon have their own hydration benefits. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and can aid digestion, while cucumber, being 95% water, offers an extra hydration boost.

4. Fill Your Bottle Immediately After Finishing

We've all been there - you reach for your water bottle only to find it empty. To avoid the dreaded "disappointment sips", make it a habit to refill your water bottle as soon as you've emptied it. This not only ensures you always have water available but also encourages you to drink more.

3. Stack Drinking Water with Other Habits

Pairing water-drinking with other daily habits can be an effective way to ensure you're hydrating regularly. For example, aim to drink two bottles of water during your work hours. By attaching water-drinking to a regular habit, you'll ensure it becomes part of your daily routine.

2. Buy 5-7 Gallons of Water per Week

A useful strategy to track your water consumption is to purchase a week's supply of water at once. Buying 5-7 gallons of water per week allows you to monitor how much you're drinking each day. This can make staying on top of your hydration goals a lot easier.

1. Invest in an Insulated Water Bottle

Lastly, consider investing in an insulated water bottle. These bottles keep your water cool for longer periods, even in warm conditions, like when you're out and about or leaving your bottle in the car. Cold water can feel more refreshing and can often encourage more frequent sipping.

Summer is a season of joy and outdoor activities, but it's also a time when maintaining proper hydration becomes more critical than ever. With Cathrine's expert advice in hand, we hope you're feeling well-prepared to stay healthily hydrated throughout the sunny season. Remember, these are not hard-and-fast rules, but rather flexible guidelines that you can adapt to your own lifestyle and preferences. Stay hydrated, stay healthy, and enjoy your summer!

For more in-depth insights into the science of hydration, be sure to check out Michael's tips below. His expert knowledge will provide further understanding of the importance of hydration and how to make it an effortless part of your everyday routine.