Founder's Tip #4 - Break da fast!

Founder's Tip #4 - Break da fast!

Hey Fit Fam,

Breakfast means break da fast!

Here's a little secret: Eating breakfast helps prevent fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. Ever get hangry or have low energy levels late in the morning or early afternoon? Now you know why!

Blood sugar plays a big part in:

  • Energy
  • Metabolism
  • Brain Power
  • Will Power

Skipping breakfast can affect your energy levels since you aren't fueling your body to start the day. Every day is a trip. Are you going to fuel up, or run on fumes?

Imagine you don't eat breakfast, your blood sugar levels are low - What do you crave?

High Sugar Food! Which isn't doing your tummy any favors unless you want to go up a few pant sizes.

Eat a good breakfast, curb the midday crash, help yourself stick to your meal plan, and keep the hunger monster at bay, baby!

It's that simple!

Remember, 70% of your results come from food.