Megan's Tip of the Week

Megan's Tip of the Week

Tip #3 Why the gym isn’t the gym! 

HI, my name’s Megan Walsh and I’m the AGM at the Heights. My tip of the week is “Get your ass in the gym”. 

Really, the tip here is to get you lifting weights. If you have a body, you have weight, hence you have a gym. Need more weight, then get to a gym, gym! Lifting weights is important and will help you Keep and or Increase muscle mass Create stronger bones It puts your calories to use Helps builds a stronger body Improves mental health and confidence And also will help keep you in a set routine 

The three main movements are Squatting, Pressing, and Pulling. If you know how to do these, awesome, get to work! 

We work with over 100 gyms and can get you a week pass at most locations. If you don’t know how to do these, no problem, we got you covered! We work with personal trainers in Denver, Portland and Houston. We can team you up with a trainer for one or two free sessions, to be sure you're set up! 

So here’s the point. Use those muscles or lose ‘em. If you haven’t been fighting gravity lately it’s time to get back after it. People believe that our metabolism’s become slower as we age, which is not as true as most people think. Inactivity is why we lose muscle mass as we age and why your body stops using as many calories as it once did. 

Aside from looking good, let's think long term. I’m basically in my 30’s and I lift weights because I want to make sure that as I age I continue to move well and feel great.

Remember nutrition is at least 70% of your results, so let's get the other 30% covered by getting into a long term lifting routine. Our recommended minimum is at least 2x per week to maintain muscle mass, our best clients end up lifting 4-5 times a week.

We’ve got options on options for ready-to-eat meals. It's no secret why MyFitFoods is the best choice for meal prep. We have the best product, price point, and people dedicated to serving you!

About Author: Mario Mendias

Mario was a personal trainer for more than 10 years before starting and founding My Fit Foods. Now almost 20 years later he is helping with more than tasty food.
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