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1800 Calorie Weight Loss Pack - 20 Meals - Option B


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These are the exact meals that our team of nutritionists use to get real people real results right now. This pack is around 1800 calories per day and includes four meals per day for five days.  A great pack to supplement your diet.


Day 1
 Breakfast: 1 Regular Farmer's Choice
 Lunch: 1 Regular Boujee Mac
 Dinner: 1 Regular Taco Bowl
 Snack: 1 Regular Lean Lemon Turkey

Day 2
 Breakfast: 1 Regular Americano
 Lunch: 1 Regular Chicken Teriyaki
 Dinner: 1 Regular Hawaiian Beef and Broccoli
 Snack: 1 Regular Lemon Ginger Chicken

Day 3
 Breakfast: 1 Regular Texas Hash
 Lunch: 1 Regular Taco Bowl
 Dinner: 1 Regular O'Natural
 Snack: 1 Regular Killuh Chili

Day 4
 Breakfast: 1 Regular Morning Scramble
 Lunch: 1 Steak Tacos
 Dinner: 1 Regular Fit Turkey Pasta
 Snack: 1 Regular Shredded BBQ Beef

Day 5
 Breakfast: 1 Bison Breakfast
 Lunch: 1 Regular Jalapeno Chicken Rice
 Dinner: 1 Regular Buffalo Chicken
 Snack: 1 Regular Killuh Chili


Disclaimer: *This is a sample meal plan built by our team of PhDs and RDs to get you results, but if you are looking for a more individualized plan we are here to help.

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