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Trans Fat 0g
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1200 Calorie Low Carb Box (With Breakfast) - 15 Meals


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Based under 100g carbs per day



Breakfast Tacos P-36g C-32 F-16 Cals-420

Regular Hawaiian Beef & Broccoli P-40g C-45 F-18g Cal-500

Small Killuh Chili P-36g C-21g F-8g Cal-300

Total: 1220 Calories



Regular Morning Scramble P-52 C-14 F-16 Cal-410

Illegal Burger P-36g C-50 F-18g Cals-510

Small Shredded BBQ Beef P-38 C-28g F-12g Cals-320

Total: 1240 Calories



Regular Farmer's Choice P-42g C-16g F-13 Cals-350

Regular Fit Turkey Pasta P-38g C-45g F-14 Cals-460

Small Shredded BBQ Beef P-38 C-28g F-12g Cals-320

Total: 1130 Calories



Rise N Shine P-30g C-33g F-14g Cals- 380

Small O'Natural P-29 C-23g F-11g Cals-310

Regular Killuh Chili P-55g C-32g F-12g Cals-460

Total: 1150 Calories



Regular Morning Scramble P-52 C-14 F-16 Cal-410

Regular Mile High BBQ P-39 C-41 F-9 Cal-400

Regular White Bean Chicken Chili P-50g C-50g F-16g Cals- 540

Total: 1310 Calories

Our goal with our ‘Lower-Carb’ Box is to give you great results while still allowing you to have optimal daily energy and enjoy the finer things (carbs) in life. 

While there is no strict definition of a low-carb diet, anything under 100–150 grams per day is generally considered ‘Low Carb.’ This is a lot less than the number of carbs in the standard Western diet. If you are someone that wants to try lowering your carbohydrates without diving head first into ketosis, this box would be a great start!
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